Coliving Places

More and more developers are creating co-living places for people to share. These co-living developments typically feature individual units of various sizes with communal space and gardens to allow people to save money and to share a certain life-style together. Add a co-living place.


Cosy Quarters


Peach Co-living


Coliving at its best!


Durrett Architects/The Cohousing Company


Self sufficient

Tip: Co-living or coliving is term used to describe purpose built developments with communal space and usually with an ethos about how to live together. We prefer to talk about house sharing and housemates because our mature community understands that better. Lodgers renting spare rooms and house sharing have been around for a long time, but co-living is taking it to a new level because all residents are tenants and buildings are designed specifically for sharing.

One of the first and certainly largest coliving places is The Collective at Old Oak Common in West London.