House share options for mature adults

With increasing financial costs of owning or privately renting a house or flat, house or flat sharing is becoming more and more popular as a solution. Not only are the broader benefits of house sharing and co-living driving this trend, but so is the recognisiton that, particularly as we age, living alone is not a long term solution. Then again, privacy and personal space are always important and you need to consider your needs in this respect. Certainly all home or house sharing options provide the opportunity to save money: this article about what you can save by house sharing lays things out.

But what type of co-living is right for you? Everyone is different and each type of co-living environment has certain characteristics to consider. This article is designed to give you an over view and then you can look in more depth at other articles as well as hear from those who have experience of each type of shared living.

Alternative house share options - these generally vary by the time taken to organise and the amount of community commitment as follows:

Rent a room in someone else home

Rent a house or flat:properties to share with others

Buy a house or flat: shared purchase with others

Co-living developments

Join a Co-housing community

Start your own co-housing community

House sharing as a useful way to relocate - article about the trend

Granny flats and annexes -  an inspirational multi-generational story

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