Cohabitas Advertising Rates and Specifications

Promote your business or room to rent

All registered users on are interested in house/flat sharing. However, only live-in-landlords or householders aged 35+ are permited to rgister their room to let.

For businesses and non-resident landlords, Cohabitas offers a unique opportunity to reach a growing and active community and we are proud to work with a selection of commercial partners and members who are committed to service, quality and value for money, and whom we can recommend with confidence to our many thousands of members and visitors.

Our website is complemented by our regular newsletters, our social media activities and our local events.


If you are interested in advertising we can offer a monthly placement of banners on the Find a room and Find people pages, plus information pages for just £100 per month.

Available banner sizes: 980x90, 185x155, 185x75, 320x250, 320x75.

Please contact us using the Contact form to place your order or discuss you specific needs.


If you are interested in partnering Cohabitas to provide services or advice to our growing community, please contact us at and one of our team will get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

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