Assisted Registration service

Registration Assistance service


Would you like some assistance creating your Cohabitas profile and listing?

If you would like to register but the whole process seems like a lot of effort, let us do it for you. You can provide us with the necessary details by email or phone and we'll do the rest for you for just £10. You tell us your details over the phone or by email and we'll do the rest.

  • This service is available for either Free or Premium registrations
  • Available for Find a room, Find a housemate or List a room registrations
  • Includes guidance on how to use the search and private messaging service

Contact us selecting the reason to contact as 'Registration Assistance service' providing your phone number or email address and we'll be in touch. It takes between 15-30 minutes to discuss your details and agree what to write. We're here to assist.

Nick & Eva

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