Creating a great housemate profile

The Cohabitas housemate profile is part of the registration process for those looking to Find a room or to find housemates to buddy-up with, but it is also important for Live-in landlords to complete this section of their profile; after all succesful sharing isn't just about the house or the room.

Here are some tips about how to get the best response and to help you find the right housemates. The advice and tips do not deal with all aspects of the registration process, but instead focus on the information that your potential future housemate or lodger will want to know.

Add a personal photo

First it is worth talking about adding a personal photo. Some people may not be comfortable adding this but it is important for two reasons:

1. When starting the process of finding potential housemates, like it or not, first impressions count. A personal photo shows other people that you are are being open and friendly. Not everyone is comfortable showing a photo but without a photo other people might wonder why you do not want to add this (if you are shy just say so!).

2. Partly because it is important to other users, but also because we want to proiritise the most complete profiles, our systems place profiles with a personal photo above those without in all relevant searches. Profiles with a photo are more complete and therefore more useful to other people.

Profiles with photos are more visible and are seen approximately 5x more than profiles without.

One more word about personal photos. We like them becasue it adds a sense of community to the site and helps to demonstrate the diversity of people who are interested in house sharing.


This should be the name of the place where you would like to live, or already live if a landlord or tenant advertising a room. Click on the location field and start to type, then wait a few seconds to see what alternative addresses appear. You can choose to be specific (i.e. Camden Town) or just include a city name (Manchester).

This will determine which location searches your profile appears in. You can search for housemates or rooms in other areas once registered but this is where you will be 'located' when others make a search. You can amend you location later if you need to.


This appears just below your photo in searches and is designed to give a first impression. Limited to 40 characters for space reasons, you have the opportunity to capture the essence of your interest in sharing. But you do need to be efficient with the use of words.

Headlines don't have to be funny or creative, although that might catch the eye. You can also write something useful and functional to help other users begin to understand you and your interest.

A good functional headline might be - 'Prof. lady seeks M-F room' or 'Seeking cat-friendly home'. Notice the use of abbreciations ot save on space and that this does not include reference to location, which has already been entered.

More creative and personal headlines will tell people more about your character and the sort of home you want - for example, 'Fun 30-year old female seeks home' or or 'Seeking a peaceful space'. Be as creative as you like, but all within 40 characters.

So headlines are important ... but the really important field is 'A few words about me and what i am looking for' Read on.

Cohabitas housemate profile advice on registering

'A few words about me and what I am looking for'

This is really important becasue as we have said, who you live with is one of the most important aspects of a successful house share. Of course, distance to the station and the state of repair and decoration of the property are important, but if you are not comfortable being at home because of someone you live with, then you won't want to stay there too long.

No housemate is perfect, just like other relationships, but try and use this space to tell people what sort of housemate you will be and what you are lookig for from others as housemates.

Live-in landlords also need to complete this field in the personal profile. Whilst not a part of the List a room registration process you do need to add this as your future tenant will be interested to know what you will be like as a housemate, not just as a landlord. Go to Edit profile and add this if you have not already.

Sharing preferences

Some sharing preferenes are compulsory within the housemate registration process and for good reason. Living in a home with pets, children or smokers is a deal breaker for some and a necessity for others. Other information is optional but we encourage you to think about your own prefences and to add these.

The number of people you house share with is important but a little more flexible in some cases, depending on who you find as potential housemates. And so are interests, TV viewing and level of sociability, but we do recommend adding this information to help others make an initial assessment. For some people it may be really important that you like Love Island!

Update your profile

Lastly but not least, please update your profile if your circumstances change.

We will be introducing a status shortly allowing users to keep their listing but to step back from actively being included in search. This will save you having to set-up a profile again should you need it in future.

Registration Assistance service

If you would like to register but the whole process seems like a lot of effort, let us do it for you. You can provide us with the necessary details by email or phone and we'll do the rest. Find out more.

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