Purpose built co-living properties

Purpose built co-living properties

Out of the trend to shared co-working space, developers have now started using the term co-living to describe shared communal living developments. Often using the same source of commercial and industrial buildings, which are then expertly converted, these purpose-built co-living flats typically offer a large number of studio-sized and smaller flats with larger communal areas. becasue of their size they are also able to offer some entertainment and you will have a wider range of people from which to make friends.

These units vary in size, but the more well-known ones tend to be quite large with up to 500 studios within one building. They are well-designed for living over shorter periods, aimed mainly at young professionals, but older people can live in these environments as well.

So whilst this is quite different to sharing a smaller flat or a house, there are similarities in that you use communal spaces for cooking and relaxing, whilst having your own rom and front door, and always your own bathroom - something some shared flats cannot offer.

Cohabitas is interested in developing smaller sized units for co-living by more mature residents over a longer period of time. Research from Ikea has suggested older people (40-59 year olds) see 4-10 people as ideal for a co-living shared house.

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