Rent a property to share

Rent a house or flat to share

Renting a flat yourself and inviting one or more people to join you – this is the reverse of the situation above. You are the one taking the risk of renting a property longer term and then inviting people to share your place.

It can work very well but you’ll need to determine the sharing rules, what you’ll include in the rent and what duration of lease to offer. A shorthold tenancy agreement is norammally 6 months long, but can be rolled-on with some notice period on either side for each side's convenience and security of tenure.

You’ll need to take a deposit and make sure your new lodger / house mate(s) pay their rent on time. Best to get to know them first of course. Use our Find people option to find suitable candidates and then you can contact them confidentially via our onsite message app, before deciding whether or not meet up in person for a viewing.

What if I cannot afford to buy?

There are shared ownership shemes available whereby you buy a proportion of a property and the owner retains ownership of the other 50%. here are two useful links explaining how this works:

Shared Ownership Housing -

Older Person's Shared Ownership (Over 55s)

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