‘The Golden Girls’ – Why 3 Old Friends Decided to Move in Together

28 December 2018, 22:20
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Remember The Golden Girls and the beautiful friendship that developed between 4 women living together in a house in Miami in the TV series?

Barb, Phyllis and Mary decided to replicate the living arrangement and move in together. The 3 women aged between 66 and 71 have been friends for 40 years and had been living by themselves for the last decade. At some point they really wanted more companionship and more out of everyday life again – someone to talk to over a glass of wine and someone to laugh with.

It didn’t take long until they each sold their houses, pooled finances and bought a house together in London, Ontario.

Read their inspiring story – it really encapsulates what sharing in later life can be about.

CBC article – How these 'Golden Girls' beat the odds of loneliness

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