AgeUK Wellbeing Index report

08 February 2017, 20:00
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What makes us happy and tends to increae our life-span when we are older? That is the question the University of Southampton helped AgeUK's Policy and Research Department answer, based on responses from 15,000 people living in the UK aged 60+.
The index focuses on what respondents say is important in later life and the factors contributing to their sense of well-being. 
Here is a key chart from the report, showing contributing factors to happiness and longevity in later life.
Cohabitas has tried to use this, and other research, to shape our ideas about what makes a good co-living or shared home. The factors highlight that well-being is not only about where you live but also about who you share your life with and how personaity factors interact with the living situation.
You can download a copy of the summary report here.



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