Online Course About House Sharing

House sharing online course by Annamarie Pluhar

As you know, Cohabitas is completely dedicated to helping the over 40s find house sharing opportunities, but now we’d like to introduce our community to someone who actually wrote the book about sharing a home – introducing Annamarie Pluhar the author of ‘A Guidebook to Finding and Keeping Good Housemates’.

Annamarie has also been running a hands-on online course for several years called ‘Discovering Shared Housing’ which we believe will be of interest to a number of our community.

Based in the East Coast of the US, she has agreed to schedule her live zoom course sessions, lasting 75 mins, at 6.00 pm GMT, 19:00 hrs CET) and is looking forward to welcoming Cohabitas visitors to the session.

Consisting of 4 x 75 minute sessions for the course, you can read more about the course of Annamarie’s own site and book your place on the course ready to start on January 14th 2021.

The course costs $80 USD, but you can request a reduction if this is unaffordable.

Now that is something to look forward to, so we urge you to book soon. If additional places are required we’ll arrange a subsequent course, but thank you to Annamarie for offering this to Cohabitas members.

Any questions about the course please direct them to Annamarie. Happy New Year!


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