3 months Premium membership


Premium member listings are promoted to the top of search, allow private messaging to any other user and are included at least once in the Cohabitas newsletter.

3 months really gives you time to search properly, to review listings, private message people and to select your ideal housemate. It’s also great value at £2.13 per week and can be put ‘on hold’ once during the period, saving you extra days for later – useful for holidays.

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For 3 months – our recommended membership because it takes time to find exactly the right person and this is great value at only £2.13 per week.

  • Includes the chance to put ‘on hold’ once during the period so you can save extra time for later – useful for holidays .

Provides more enquiries and faster (5x more).

  • Your listing appears on top in relevant searches for more attention
  • Listing has a ‘Premium’ label indicating all users can contact you
  • You can message any user
  • Your listing appears at least once in the Cohabitas newsletter
  • Free online support and advice to improve your listing
  • Help in preparing and uploading your photos
  • Free (optional) user Account ID Verification- adds ‘Verified’ label

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3 Months