Account Verification


Don’t want a Premium membership but do want to give users additional reassurance?

This one-time account ‘Validation’ for non-Premium users means your account listings will carry a badge saying ‘Validated’. Note, Validation is included free in Premium memberships starting at £12.90.

Once purchased click ‘Request verification’ on your account page to start the process. See full details below.

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Although included free in Premium member listings, you can request a one-time verification request at any time.

This will mean that the ‘Verified’ badge appears on your listing and that more people will feel inclined to contact you. However, only Premium users can contact you and you them.

To gain ‘Verified’ status we will ask you to submit evidence of identity and residency as follows:

For housemates and landlords – any two of the following:

  • a UK or EU passport
  • a EU identity card
  • a UK photocard driving licence
  • a EU or EEA driving licences
  • a US passport card
  • a bank, building society or credit union current account bank card

For housemates – one additional piece of identity:

  • a mortgage account (including buy to let mortgage accounts)
  • a building, contents or vehicle insurance policy
  • a gas or electric account

These will be collected electronically and we will ask for a phone contact number in case we need to clarify anything. Once verified your data and phone will be completely deleted.

This is a one-time process and your account will remain ‘Verified’ until closed or until we have reason to require re-verification, which will be at zero cost.