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Co-living in London

Personalised Search service

Would you like to use a personalised search and selection service to get you started in your plan to create a co-living place? Tristia Homes has just started a new service for you.

Tristia’s new London Co-living Service aims to match people together to create compatible house shares with 4 or more people.

We aim to find you the right property for you to rent and we’ll make sure that you will be able to enjoy living a lifestyle with people that share your values and outlook.

If you’ve thought about changing your lifestyle to be more inclusive and to be a part of an environment which is mutually inspiring and co-operative but would like a little help, then please get in touch using the form below and you can find out more about this personalised and friendly service.

Enjoy living a lifestyle with people that share your values and outlook

You’ll be able to attend events for meeting others, viewing houses, and benefiting from personal consultations to provide all the opportunities and support you need to help make up your mind.

Get in touch using the link below, providing your phone number and name, and we will follow up with a telephone consultation to find out more about you.

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