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Advertising multiple rooms for rent

Cohabitas is an online listings service primarily for live-in landlords and tenants, enabling them to find a like-minded lodger or flatmate. We offer free and Premium memberships to help them advertise a room or two in their home. If you just want to advertise rooms at one location please add a listing.

For organisations and businesses managing a larger number of rooms in multiple locations, we offer a Professional Premium membership, allowing the same Premium member benefits, but for multiple rooms or properties (normally up to 10 at any one time).

These memberships represent an affordbale advertising solution for organisations with multiple room listings, interested in reaching a mature and responsible audience.

“Your mature audience is more aligned with our customers than Spareroom, which tends to provide rather younger applicants.”

Please get in touch to discuss your needs, otherwise you can simply buy your Professional Premium Membership and we will be in touch to discuss how to most easily add your rooms.


Newsletters and posts

You can either advertise on Cohabitas newsletters and promoted posts, or you can simply add a service listing to appear in this section, which we can link to from our other content. Please note, we will not accept posts woth links unless highly relevant to our audience, but we can add no-follow posts for any service which is relevant.

For anything to do with property development and/or co-living developments, please contact Nick via Contact Us.


Nick & Eva Co-Founders


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