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new to house sharing advice and conections

New to house sharing?

Living together with other people can be organised in many types of co-living and house sharing, so what is right for you? This short guide to house sharing when you’re older, provides an introduction to different forms of sharing and provides useful links within Cohabitas and externally. (Click on the section pictures and links to see more).

The guide is designed for those new to sharing to help provide some thoughts about what each sort of sharing offers.

Rent a room in a shared house
Renting a room in someone else’s property is the simplest and most established form of sharing; it’s flexible and offers all sorts of options.

What to consider when you rent a room

Rent a whole property to share
Once you have some have some experience of sharing, then committing to purchase of a flat or house and relying on a lodger or housemate to contribute financially makes a lot of sense.

Share a flat with other housemates

Buy a shared-ownership property
If you have lived with a good friend or become friendly with previous flatmates then you might commit to buying a place together.

Buying a shared ownership property

Find a purpose built co-living place
Built mainly for younger residents, co-living developments are purpose built and offer a lifestyle as much as a place to stay.

Coliving property for over 40s

Homeshare scheme
In return of some chores or keeping an elderly person company you can save a lot by entering into a ‘home share’.

Homeshare service for students and home owners

Join a co-housing community
An intentional community for communal living is a longer term thing and involves following the rules of the group.

Co-housing in the UK

Build a granny-flat
Creating a space for a parent or family friend can be a good solution if you have the space but still would like a little bit of separation.

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