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There are so many ways to share a home and these can be an inspiration to others. We also  try to keep you up-to-date with new shared-housing options. If you'd like to contribute a story contact us.

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Living alone is a larger property than needed makes no sense

Living alone in a larger property makes no sense.

Much is written about the ‘ageing’ population and the effects of living alone on well-being and health. In fact, it…

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Healthy Living Principles Applied To Flatshare

The building blocks of healthy living

When renting a room in a house share, or indeed buying a place to live, we bring with us both…

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Older housemate with younger person helping to cook -Pictures Peter Kindersley

Housemates who need each other

Apart from the fundamental house share exchange of needs, where one person needs a home and another has space in…

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Inter-generational co-living

Free Premium membership for parents with children sharing

If you are a parent with a child (under 16), then finding a suitable house share is quite tricky. One…

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A room that is impossible to share

A tiny room is impossible to share

Tiny rooms do not seem suited to house sharing, which balances two elements: privacy and community. So it was with…

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Hazelmead Co Housing In Bridport Panorama

Sharing a hot meal together

Over the last few weeks I’ve felt slightly daunted by the prospect of high energy bills. So, as the nights…

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Housemates sharing bills

Let’s talk about sharing bills

Do we really have to talk about sharing bills? Well, yes, we do! With energy bills increasing, many home-owners and…

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Cost of living - house sahring saves 29 to 41 per cent per person

Recalculating what you save by house sharing

Back in 2017 we did some basic calculations and wrote a story on Cohabitas about how much money you can…

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