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There are so many ways to share a home and these can be an inspiration to others. We also  try to keep you up-to-date with new shared-housing options. If you'd like to contribute a story contact us.

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Housemates sharing bills

Let’s talk about sharing bills

Do we really have to talk about sharing bills? Well, yes, we do! With energy bills increasing, many home-owners and…

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Cost of living - house sahring saves 29 to 41 per cent per person

Recalculating what you save by house sharing

Back in 2017 we did some basic calculations and wrote a story on Cohabitas about how much money you can…

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BBC Radio Interview Why Over 40s Are Turning To House Shares To Beat Rising Rents

Turning to house share to beat rising rents

The BBC’s Malcolm Boyden interviews Nick Henley about the reasons for increased numbers of over 40s living in house shares.…

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Co-living, Co-housing

Co-housing with neighbours aged 1 to 80

When Hilary and Lois decided to move into ‘Cohaus’ in Auckland, they were attracted by the prospect of living with…

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Judith's Story

Brave or mad? Return to the UK.

That’s usually one of the two reactions Judith gets when she tells people her story. Having lived in England for…

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Tidy Living Room

How to declutter and organise your home

In her work as a Professional Organiser at Tidylicious, Hester helps people to declutter and organise their homes and offices,…

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Living Together2

Designing an appealing co-living space

In today’s interview we discuss the design of co-living spaces with interior designer Nuria Prieto – and how to turn…

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Checklist, room viewing, room for rent, flatshare, house share

Room Viewing Checklist

Once you’ve found a room you like and arranged a viewing, it pays off to plan ahead and make a…

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