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Select one of the 3 listing types below:

Add a Room to Rent listing here if you have a spare room in your house or flat to rent:


  • Add one listing free
  • Advertise up to three rooms in one property location
  • Add rooms to rent in existing homes or whole properties to share
  • Have your room and home photos ready (Max 2.9 Mb each - up to 8 photos)

Add a housemate listing here if you want to find a room or are looking for other people to share with:


  • Add one listing free
  • Add some personality to your description
  • Express your housemate preferences in full
  • Have one photo of yourself ready (Max 2.9 Mb in size)

Add a Coliving Place listing for a coliving development suitable for over 40s:


  • Add one listing free
  • Include the size and number of units
  • Introduce the focus of your community to pre-filter enquiries
  • Have your room and home photos ready (Max 2.9 Mb each - up to 8 photos)
  • Receive SEO benefits (when becoming a Premium Coliving member)


Q1. Is the site only for home owners?

A. No, lead tenants, agents and live-out landlords can also list rooms or whole properties for rent.


Q2. Can I add more than one listing?

A. Yes, if you buy a professional membership


Q3. Can other users see all of my details?

A. No, your private contact details, such as email, is never displayed as we offer a private messaging system to protect your identity. All other details are only displayed if a 'required' field (such as room type, location and room/property features) is completed by you, or you choose to complete a voluntary field (We recommend you provide as much detail and description as possible, as other users like this)

Q4. Is my listing completely free?

A. Yes, there is no charge to register and add one listing of either type, but you do have the option to speed things up by making yourself a Premium member, appearing at the top of searches, able to contact anyone and for anyone to contact you. 

Q5. How long does it take to get a response?

A. This depends entirely on your room or housemate listing and who happens to be looking in your location for those preferences and features. What we do know is that being a specialised mature house sharing site, that people take a little longer to make up their minds about what they want and that successful shares are all about finding like-minded people. So it can take a few weeks depending on where you are and what you are looking for.