It’s Better Living Together

Having a meal, talking about your day or watching a movie at home
are better when you share these moments with others.
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How we can help

House sharing with people other than a partner or in a traditional family is common-place for younger people, but is also a great alternative to living on your own for older people. However, finding a house share with people of a similar age or outlook can be difficult when you're more mature and more discerning!

That's where we can help. Use our website to:

  • Find a like-minded housemate
  • Advertise your spare room if you have one
  • Find a flat or house suitable for sharing
  • Get practical advice, especially regarding financial and legal matters
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Events and Meet-Ups

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We organise regular events which anyone can join for a small fee and are free to paid Members

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Paid Members can organise a meet-up and invite other people in the community to attend


What are the benefits of co-living?



It’s more fun meeting other people, discussing daily lives and sometimes sharing a meal together.



If you’re bored of living alone then co-living is a practical and modern alternative.

Health promoting

Health promoting

It is statistically proven that living with others has physical and psychological benefits contributing to longer and healthy life.



Sharing the cost of buying or renting a place and sharing bills allows you more freedom to spend on doing other things.

Shared Lives

Find out about alternative types of co-living and hear from people who have already found someone else to share with.

Support Us

With the help of local supporters and ambassadors we are creating awareness of the benefits of sharing, raising funds for research and organising local events . If you’re interested in becoming a supporter or even a local ambassadors please register at Contact us to find out more.

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Cohabitas want to continue to strengthen the regional support network and are interested to hear from anyone who would like to contribute to our community.

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