About Us and House Sharing

We founded Cohabitas in 2016 after a casual conversation about our parents and how lonely they were, having each lost their partner.

We realised that life can be challenging for people living alone and that having someone else around the house would not only be better for them but also for us, their main carers while they remain healthy and living independently.

Wouldn't it be good we thought if there was someone there to say good morning to, occasionally walk to the shops with or to share a comment about the news of the day?

But we realised we had our own personal experiences of living alone and of living with friends or family, and that it wasn't only in older age that living with other people is better.

Whilst the peace and quiet of your own place can be enjoyable for short periods, it's more fun, less lonely and you save a lot of money sharing with someone else.

Identifying a common need

So why don't more people house share? We started looking into the benefits of sharing and found there are many; financial, health and social. But we also recognised that finding the right people and property to share with feels more complicated and more challenging in later life. You are more settled and change feels more difficult despite the potential benefits.

So we set up Cohabitas.com to provide a place for adults aged over 40 to find other people interested in sharing, to find a room, or to find a property to start a new co-living house. We also wanted to provide the information and resources and support needed to encourage people less experienced in house sharing to consider this option.

We believe life should be fun and enriching, no matter what your age. We believe It's Better Living Together!

Eva Orasch & Nick Henley - Co-Founders


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