House sharing is affordable housing

Shared Housing Is Affordable

Is affordable housing just a question of assessing the cost of construction, including land costs, building and profit margin, or should it also consider the broader life-style benefits? There is much talk about affordable housing in the UK and other countries. Land prices, construction costs and developer profit needs have all tended to grow at…

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Housemates preferences report – the COVID issue.

Coliving and house sharing preferences report 2020

Housemate preferences report (Jun-Aug ’20) With the addition of ‘market research’ questions added to the registration form, we have been able to gather a continuous stream of information about our users – the over 40s house share market. We will produce this report each quarter to keep track of changing preferences and to enable us…

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Cohabitas Quarterly Business Update

Dear friends, partners and experts, Welcome to our first quarterly business update – what we hope is an informative and useful update on the mid-life / over 40s house sharing market. Clearly the last few months has been like nothing any of us has ever known, but it makes for a really interesting business update!…

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About Us

We founded Cohabitas in 2016 after a casual conversation about our parents and how lonely they were, having each lost their partner. We realised that life can be challenging for people living alone and that having someone else around the house would not only be better for them but also for us, their main carers…

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Advertise a room for rent

Advertise a room to rent Advertising your spare room on Cohabitas are is the perfect way to find housemates aged 40+. Simply add a room listing. Add a room listing. Whilst we are focused mainly on live-in landlords and householders, letting agents and other landlords can also register for free if they can see why their room…

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The future solution to rising rents

Its not only the cost of renting a whole flat or house by yourself, its the quality of property you can afford to live in and the quality of life that’s also important. If you rent a room in someone else’s house it is a great way to live in a better area than you might otherwise be able to afford.

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