House sharing preferences report

House Sharing Preferences Cohabitas Report Dec 2021

A new report about House Sharing Preferences by Cohabitas, the over 40s house share website, has revealed the latest trends in preferences when house sharing. Using market research questions as a part of new user registrations, Cohabitas has been able to identify key trends and make comparisons with previous research, which is especially interesting now…

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Treasured friends found in lockdown

Treasured housemates found in lockdown

There is evidence of many positive house sharing experiences from lockdown. What did we learn that we will take forward now that we are free again?   The Covid lock-downs from March 2020 to April 2021 were difficult for everyone. Restricted physical movement, loss of social contact, the threat of serious illness and worry about…

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Housemate preferences report – the COVID issue.

Coliving and house sharing preferences report 2020

Housemate preferences report (Jun-Aug ’20) With the addition of ‘market research’ questions added to the registration form, we have been able to gather a continuous stream of information about our users – the over 40s house share market. We will produce this report each quarter to keep track of changing preferences and to enable us…

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Cohabitas Quarterly Business Update

Dear friends, partners and experts, Welcome to the first Cohabitas quarterly business update – what we hope is an informative and useful update on the mid-life, or ‘over 40s’ house sharing market. Clearly the last few months has been like nothing any of us has ever known, but it makes for a really interesting business…

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Inter-generational co-housing report

How coliving and cohousing relate to each other

Although titled Coliving, this research project actually talks more about co-housing, looking at how to develop more and better inter generational and age-specific cohousing. It highlights these main barriers for co-housing groups: lack of funding opportunities difficulties to find a site for development slow speed of moving a scheme through the planning system slow speed…

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Co-Living in the UK is moving beyond generation rent

Communal living, or co-living, may conjure an array of images. To some it may be the hippy communes of the 1960s, to others a student flat with unwashed dishes stacked high and cleaning standards kept low. However, with changes in family structures and people feeling younger for longer, it seems we are moving towards a…

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Sharing is one solution to rising rents

Its not only the cost of renting a whole flat or house by yourself, its the quality of property you can afford to live in and the quality of life that’s also important. If you rent a room in someone else’s house it is a great way to live in a better area than you might otherwise be able to afford.

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