Long-term House Share Solutions

Paying rent in a house share or flatshare is great option when you want flexibility and, of course, when you lack capital to invest in a property of your own.

House sharing is a relatively cost-effective way of renting, as the live-in landlord will often appreciate company and so charge slightly less than a commercial landlord. Some will even offer a rent reduction in return for some help around the home.

But some people do have capital to invest and would like to invest in a property, but they do not have enough to buy a property alone. Others would rather take out a small mortgage and have shared ownership of a property, instead of paying rent.

That's why we have added a new Considering Shared Ownership category to the Housemates listings.

If you are interested in this option longer term, then you can add this category to your housemate listing and find other members of our house sharing community also interested in the idea of buying a shared property.

You can find each other using our search categories and then see who is looking in your area. Update your housemate listing now.

If you do not have a housemate listing already then you can add a listing here and select only the Considering Shared Ownership option.... unles sof course a Buddy-up might be a good way to meet people. Add a housemate listing.

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Towards shared ownership

Cohabitas envisages helping you move from a room in someone else's home to becoming a part owner of your own home.