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No charge
  • Just register to add a free listing
  • Housemate, Rooms, or Service listings
  • Search using maps and advanced filters
  • Access to housemate and co-living groups
  • Access free advice, news & inspiration
  • Access research and services sections
  • View and reply to private messages
  • Account set-up and Verification services require a fee


From £2.15 per week
  • 5X more response. Access all areas.
  • Includes all Free member features
  • Receive messages from any user
  • Message any registered user
  • Push your listing higher in search
  • Create housemate or co-living groups
  • Save a list of favourites
  • Add a phone number if you choose
  • Free account validation (optional), but account set-up service requires a fee


From £3.90 per week
  • Multiple property and room listings
  • Includes all Premium member features
  • View and reply to private messages
  • Initial Upload template available
  • Technical and account management support