12 December 2017, 15:37
After moving from Hampshire back to London enjoy life in the city, Val has shared a number of flats in central London and has some great advice for others attracted to sharing in later life.
29 November 2017, 12:52
If car sharing is at the heart of the Mayor's housing policy then so should house sharing.
26 November 2017, 21:51
Maximising people’s privacy is a key differentiator and design objective when designing for adult co-living
19 November 2017, 20:14
Now here's a good idea. A local Seattle resident has built a tiny house in his backyard for a homeless person to live in. Truly inspirational.
25 October 2017, 08:00
Living to over 100 years old is something more and more people will experience. How can house sharing help?
25 July 2017, 16:45
Saettedammen pioneer Ole in the communal dining area
25 July 2017, 15:47
Arne Bjerre and his wife were founding members of the Saettedamen cohousing community in Denmark
09 May 2017, 11:21
Cohabitas asked two friends what led them to share and what their tips are for a successful share.
09 May 2017, 09:12
Andrea, Sally-Mae and Lyn bought a house to live in together. Photograph: Alicia Canter for the Guardian
10 April 2017, 13:41
The Older Women's Co Housing scheme in North London
16 March 2017, 14:31
The tide may well be turning on the idea that the pursuit of finding a home is a journey traveled alone. Lawrence Atkins explores and find lots of reasons to believe sharing is a modern idea and is a pleasure wasted on the young
28 February 2017, 10:56
Manuel Beltrán and Baudi Lozano met on joining the cooperative and went on to form a couple.
21 February 2017, 10:13
Peaceful mornings on the lovely Playa Dorada in the heart of Playa Blanca Lanzarote
08 February 2017, 20:00
This update report on what contributes to Wellbeing in later life identifies community as a key factor in happiness and longevity
06 February 2017, 10:35
Co-living can be seen as unusual for the over 40s but it offers flexibility and companionship
18 January 2017, 15:50
Who can justify living alone when you see the savings from sharing.
05 January 2017, 11:13
Living with others requires shared responsibility for cleanliness especially around the communal kitchen
19 December 2016, 11:30
Sharing the space and sharing the costs
19 December 2016, 11:21
Communal Living in Germany
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