What Makes a Grown-Up Flatshare


With more and more people sharing a home in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond, let’s look at what makes it different from sharing as a student or young professional and why it’s becoming an attractive option for many.

1. Financial Prudence and Stability

In later life, financial priorities shift from simply getting by to maintaining a desired lifestyle and spending money on things we really enjoy. Whilst still a financial necessity, for many it is a conscious decision to reduce their living expenses, allowing them to spend more on travel, experiences, personal goals, or simply save some money they wouldn’t be able to if living by themselves. Sharing costs for rent, utilities, and groceries means more disposable income to enjoy life’s pleasures without financial stress.

2. Mature Relationships and Communication

Living with others in your 40s and beyond brings a level of maturity and understanding often absent in younger flatshares. Grown-up flatmates tend to have better-developed communication skills, greater empathy, and a more collaborative approach to resolving conflicts. Discussing some ground rules is often part of this, rather than not addressing challenges until they become an issue. This creates a much more harmonious living environment where respect and consideration are paramount.

3. Companionship and Social Support

Loneliness can be a significant concern in later life, especially for those who are single, divorced, or widowed. A grown-up house share offers the invaluable benefit of companionship. Daily interactions, shared meals, and mutual support during challenging times contribute to improved mental and emotional well-being. Having someone around to share experiences and provide support can make a significant difference in one’s quality of life.

4. Shared Responsibilities

By middle age, people generally have a better handle on managing household responsibilities. In a grown-up flatshare, tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and maintenance can be distributed based on each person’s strengths and availability. This not only makes managing the household more efficient but also ensures that no one person is overwhelmed by chores or don’t get done altogether.

5. Higher Living Standards

With potentially higher combined incomes, grown-up housemates can afford to live in larger, more comfortable homes with better amenities than they might individually. This can mean access to a garden, a home office, or proximity to desirable locations such as city centres or nicer neighbourhoods. Since most of Cohabitas’ rooms are offered by live-in landlords, this often means access to bigger homes compared to two housemates taking out a joint tenancy.  

6. Opportunities for Personal Growth

Sharing a flat in later life provides opportunities for personal development and new experiences. Whether it’s learning new recipes from a flatmate, discovering shared hobbies, or simply being exposed to different perspectives, a grown-up house share can be a source of continual learning and enrichment.

7. Safety and Peace of Mind

Safety is a crucial consideration, especially as people age. Living alone can sometimes be daunting due to concerns about health emergencies or security. A grown-up house share offers peace of mind, knowing there’s someone around to assist in case of an emergency or simply to ensure that the living environment remains secure.

8. Flexibility and Freedom

Unlike the typical younger flatshare, grown-up flatshares can be more flexible in terms of living arrangements. Flatmates might travel more often, have more varied schedules, and therefore require a living situation that can adapt to these changes. Many landlords’ priority is to find the right person with a similar lifestyle who will look after their home, rather than just fill a room. They might be open to Monday to Friday arrangements or offer more space to a housemate compared to more traditional house shares.

Most importantly, a grown-up house share is about more than just splitting the rent. It’s a strategic choice that can enhance financial stability, provide companionship, and offer a higher standard of living. With mature communication, shared responsibilities, and a focus on quality of life, sharing a flat in later life can be a fulfilling experience much more than a necessity.


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