A tiny room is impossible to share

A room that is impossible to share

Tiny rooms do not seem suited to house sharing, which balances two elements: privacy and community.

So it was with horror that I read about micro apartments in Tokyo, which offers only one element – privacy.

I can appreciate the joy of having your own private space, close to the city centre, having enjoyed several nights stay in a capsule hotel in Japan a few years back. These hotels, popular with businessmen and workers who have to stay overnight in a city. They feature communal bathrooms and even a bath, as well as a 2.5m x 1.5m space with a curtain onto a corridor. There is someone on either side and above or below, and yet you feel privacy.

I can also understand that there are many different needs for accommodation within a city. So when  I read some people live in this sort of space full-time I get it, but know I don’t want it. They are usually young, single and want to be close to their work and city life. But this is the antithesis of what we need as more mature housemates.

Just imagine …

New York Times Story – Tiny Tokyo Apartments


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