How to add a free room for rent listing

Add a room to rent listing guide

Listing a room for rent on Cohabitas is free and easy. It takes minutes only. In case you experience difficulties, here is our guide to listing a spare room for rent or a whole property to share.

If you still don’t feel able to do this yourself, then we offer a Telephone Registration Service, where we do it all for you.

Getting started

We start by asking you to set a Username, with your name, email address and password so that we can communicate with you.

Username: This is your name on the site that other members will see on your listing. It needs to be between 6 and 15 characters long.

Email: In some cases you will be advised that the email you are trying to register is already in use on the site. In this case go back to the first page and login using your email address, as this means that you have already registered.

Password: This field requests a password between 6 and 15 characters including letters and numbers. In case you forget your password you can request a reset using the link just below the password field on the login page.

Account Type

Please be sure to check you select the account type relevant to your need because this determines the listing information you need to provide.

Select List a room or property to rent to advertise your room for rent or a whole property. In the next step you be asked add the details of your room, your house location and amenities and sharing arrangments.

You can either add a listing for yourself or another person if they are unable.

Date of birth: It is easiest if you select the year first, then use the arrows to navigate to the right month and day. You need to be at least 35 years old to use the Cohabitas service. We use this minimum age to keep our community tailored to the needs and expectations of a more mature and discerning house share audience.

Common error messages

If for some reason you are not taken to the next screen and you press the register button again, you may be told that the email address is already in use. In this case you have in fact registered. All you need to do is go back to the start page and login using the email address and password you registered with previously (perhaps unknowingly). Check your email spam folder and you may find your welcome email there.

Username does not meet criteria. You will see an error message alerting you that your username must be between 6 and 15 characters long.

Password does not meet criteria. You will see an error message alerting you that your password must be between 6 and 15 characters long.

Tick the terms and conditions box. Without this you cannot complete your registration and listing.

Listing Preferences

Once you have completed the first user details you will be taken to a second screen where you can add the details about your spare room for rent.

Headline: Write a succinct headline for your listing that describes your room (or property) and/or what spr of person you are looking a lodger or housemate. For example: “Bright double, looking for friendly cat lover”. Maximum of 40 characters in the title please.

Category: This is the category your ad will appear in – you can choose Rooms to rent or Properties to rent, or both.

Location: Start to type the nane of town or area in which your property is located and choose from the list of places that will automatically appear. Alternatively, you can just click ‘Select address on map’ and drop the pin in the right area.

You can then add one or more rooms to your listing.

Reducing rent for chores a helpful housemate.

You might want to consider offering a rent reduction in return for doing some chores around the house. Perhaps walking the dog or helping to keep up the garden. You can specify what these activities are and a how it will reduce the monthly rent.

Full description

Please take a few minutes to complete this section about the room and your home in general. It is a great chance to make your room stand out and to introduce yourself to your future housemates! A detailed description will save you time later explaining it all in person or via messages. It will also help to attract the right people. Always include what sort of person you are looking for and any things that are particularly important to you.

Displaying your phone number

There is an option towards the end of that page that allows you to add and display your personal phone number to other members. It is completely up to you if you would like to make your number public – this can be useful.

We know some people prefer to get in touch with others directly, but if you prefer to maintain privacy, then using the private messaging system is best. Your phone number is visible to all registered users if you are a Premium member, but you may prefer not to display this to all, in which case you should not add a phone number. You can edit it out if you have already added it to your listing, then it will not display.

Submit your listing

Once you are happy with your listing you can preview it to see what it will look like to other users. To complete your listing don’t forget to click ‘Submit listing‘ at the end.

If it will not submit check you have completed required fields. Especialy check the title as this can not be longer than 40 chatacters.

Any issues, you can contact us.

Here is where you can find all rooms for rent.

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