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Advertise a room

Advertise a room to rent

Advertising your spare room on Cohabitas are is the perfect way to find housemates aged 40+. Whilst we are focused mainly on live-in landlords and householders, letting agents and other landlords can also register for free if they can see why their room is particularly suitable for our community – larger rooms, better areas and potentially longer lets. Register now.

To advertise a room simply register and select ‘List a room’, whereby you will be taken to a form to decribe the room and amenities in the house, and then to add photos of the room(s) you have to let. Advertiing upgrade options will be presented to you after you register by you are not oliged to pay anything if you don’t want to.

Advertising products and services to our community

For businesses who have related services to promote, then advertising on Cohabitas will enable you to reach a growing and active community of 7,000 users each month. In addition, advertising insertions in our user newsletters (7,000+) are available, and we can also arrange local events if you’re interested to in marketing a propoerty in a specific area. Please enquire using the Contact Form.

Available banner sizes: 185×155, 185×75, 320×250, 320×75.

Text links and advertorial also available.

Please Contact Us to discuss you specific needs.


If you are interested in partnering Cohabitas to provide services or advice to our growing community,  Contact Us to discuss your idea.

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