How to make your rented room feel more homely

Cosy Home

When you rent a room, it can easily feel a bit temporary and not fully ‘yours’. However, there’s a lot you can do to add your personal touch and make sure you feel completely at home and proud of your living space. Even if you plan to just stay for a couple of months, it’s…

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Tips to make house sharing over 40 a success


More and more people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond are sharing houses these days and benefit from not only the financials and better quality of housing, but also the sense of community and fun that can come with it. Many people find that it gives them a renewed sense of purpose and opportunity,…

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Peach Living – Co-living for grown-ups

Harken House Entrance

Co-living has been a growing trend over the last few years. Popular amongst urban young professionals and ‘digital nomads’ in their 20s and 30s who share communal spaces in usually large-scale developments, with a big focus on shared lifestyle – co-working areas, yoga classes and cafes on site. But where are the equivalents for people…

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50s female seeks housemates in Malaga City

View From Villa Marina 2

December 14th 2020 I boarded the plane with my dreams wrapped up in my battered, 20 year old suitcase. I was bound for Southern Spain and the respite of the Mediterranean Sea. On a quest to follow my dream of creating my own business. I was going to build and develop the idea so that…

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Looking for a friendly housemate 60+ to join our home


Nasharina and Patrick are based in Lincolnshire and are looking for a retired gentleman to join their family home for conversation and companionship.   Nasharina & Patrick, please tell us a little bit about your home and what someone can expect from living with you. We are a busy house, we are often out and…

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Treasured friends found in lockdown

Treasured housemates found in lockdown

There is evidence of many positive house sharing experiences from lockdown. What did we learn that we will take forward now that we are free again?   The Covid lock-downs from March 2020 to April 2021 were difficult for everyone. Restricted physical movement, loss of social contact, the threat of serious illness and worry about…

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House sharing is affordable housing

Shared Housing Is Affordable

Is affordable housing just a question of assessing the cost of construction, including land costs, building and profit margin, or should it also consider the broader life-style benefits? There is much talk about affordable housing in the UK and other countries. Land prices, construction costs and developer profit needs have all tended to grow at…

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Modern ways of living

Lucille decided to move in with her daughter, son in law and 2 grandchildren, so she could spend more time with them, help with childcare but also know she’d have someone to look after her when she was older. Libby moved to the other side of the globe in her 50s to follow her childhood…

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How to stay positive in difficult times

Woman on sofa looking relaxed and happy

With more restrictions affecting our daily lives and concerning news bombarding us every day, it can be difficult to remain in positive spirits. Since the situation will likely last for a while, we spoke to mindset coach Sarah Wheeler, one of our Cohabitas members, to get her advice on how to stay positive. Sarah tells…

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Bringing nature into your home

Open the windows to bring fresh air in

The lockdown has forced many of us to change our routines and inevitably spend longer in our living space, although goodness knows, I’ve walked around every part of the nearby park multiple times over the last year. Many of the new routines are positive and indeed many people have reported happy days doing things they…

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Designing a living experience for well-being

Modern development of apartments

Perhaps more than any other aspects of life, COVID has changed our experience of home and of work; in fact for many the two have become synonymous as they have taken place in the same living space. For many then and some now, gone was the chance to have a change of scene and to…

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