How to declutter and organise your home

Tidy Living Room

In her work as a Professional Organiser at Tidylicious, Hester helps people to declutter and organise their homes and offices, using the method developed by Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo. In this blog she will share some tips on how to declutter and organise your home, based on her method. She will give some general…

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Designing an appealing co-living space

Living Together2

In today’s interview we discuss the design of co-living spaces with interior designer Nuria Prieto – and how to turn them into places where communities can come together and thrive. Nuria, what is important when designing a shared co-living home, where housemates have their own room but share a lounge, kitchen, and other common spaces?…

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Room Viewing Checklist

Checklist, room viewing, room for rent, flatshare, house share

Once you’ve found a room you like and arranged a viewing, it pays off to plan ahead and make a list of all the things to look out for and ask your potential future housemate about. So often we only remember afterwards all the things we wanted to check or ask. Take a look at…

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Affordable co-living for women

Women standing together

By Toni Massari “Only two things are certain in life, death and taxes.” Well … not quite, actually. Long before death, most of us will (hopefully) experience that other certainty: old age. Now, for those who have been fortunate enough to live secure, structured and relatively affluent lives, nestled in the arms of an extended…

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What housemates want from sharing

House Sharing

The secret ingredients to successful house sharing Why is it that some people have a great experience sharing and manage to make friends for life whilst others just seem to attract the worst housemates and find themselves unhappy, moving from one place to the next? There’s always a bit of luck involved, no doubt, in…

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The benefits of sharing with a stranger


Thinking about how we want to live as we get older, many of us like the idea of living with a close friend. Having a laugh together, watching a movie with a glass of wine, a leisurely breakfast reading the papers on a Sunday morning, or spending the holidays together and not feeling the least…

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A Grown-up Flatshare

Eva makes a decision about flatshare

With soaring costs of renting in London and other cities, more and more people in their 40s are turning to a flatshare as a solution. Eva Orasch originally decided to share to reduce her outgoings but soon discovered more meaningful rewards.

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How to make your rented room feel more homely

Cosy Home

When you rent a room, it can easily feel a bit temporary and not fully ‘yours’. However, there’s a lot you can do to add your personal touch and make sure you feel completely at home and proud of your living space. Even if you plan to just stay for a couple of months, it’s…

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Tips to make house sharing over 40 a success


More and more people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond are sharing houses these days and benefit from not only the financials and better quality of housing, but also the sense of community and fun that can come with it. Many people find that it gives them a renewed sense of purpose and opportunity,…

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Peach Living – Co-living for grown-ups

Harken House Entrance

Co-living has been a growing trend over the last few years. Popular amongst urban young professionals and ‘digital nomads’ in their 20s and 30s who share communal spaces in usually large-scale developments, with a big focus on shared lifestyle – co-working areas, yoga classes and cafes on site. But where are the equivalents for people…

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50s female seeks housemates in Malaga City

View From Villa Marina 2

December 14th 2020 I boarded the plane with my dreams wrapped up in my battered, 20 year old suitcase. I was bound for Southern Spain and the respite of the Mediterranean Sea. On a quest to follow my dream of creating my own business. I was going to build and develop the idea so that…

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