What is shared accommodation?

Group of four adults sitting around a table in an apartment

In recent years, the concept of shared accommodation, commonly known as a flat share, house share or room share, has become increasingly popular as an affordable and sociable living arrangement. Each individual typically has their own private bedroom and shares common spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Shared accommodation can take various…

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How much deposit can a landlord ask for?

Lodger agreement, Deposit

A guide to deposits: How much deposit can a landlord ask for? Renting out a room as a landlord or finding suitable accommodation as a lodger can be a mutually beneficial arrangement, especially in the current rental market. However, it is important for both parties to understand the legal obligations and rights associated with deposits.…

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Is house sharing right for me?

Is a house share right for mha

Whether sharing is right for me is something people ask who have not shared their home before, or maybe not shared for many years. What can I expect? What about my own space? What about my dog? How do I find the right sort of person? All very valid questions if you are considering flat…

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