Is house sharing right for me?

Is a house share right for mha

Whether sharing is right for me is something people ask who have not shared their home before, or maybe not shared for many years. What can I expect? What about my own space? What about my dog? How do I find the right sort of person?

All very valid questions if you are considering flat sharing – answered in this short BBC radio interview about people’s reasons for sharing and what’s driving more and more people over 50 to share their home.

Listen to the interview, then see our FAQs about the site and How Cohabitas works.

The truth is that wide variety of reasons for sharing. The main one, especially for shorter shares, is financial. What you can save by house sharing should be obvious, but we have done some analysis to make the point.

But it’s not only about sharing the bills, it’s also about sharing a cup of tea or a glass of wine occassionally; and for some, knowing there is someone else in the house. 60% of people registering on Cohabitas are interested in sharing for social reasons. Listen to this short interview as a good starting point to understanding what house shares can be about.


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