Registration advice

When registering on Cohabitas our aim is to keep you and your personal details safe, so it is necessarily a little more complicated. However, from time to time users experience difficulties, most of which can be resolved as follows:

Selecting the User Type

Registering on Cohabitas - user type screen

Please be sure to check you select the registration user type relevant to your need because this determines the information you need to provide to register.

To Find a room (or housemate) you will be asked to add details to complete your 'housemate profile'. 

To List a room you will be asked to add details about your room to rent. Once you have registered you cannot change your user type. Please contact us if you wish to change this.

Register with an email

On the left-hand side of the Get Started screen you can see the fields to regiter usig your email address. Warning messages will appear if your enter different email addresses by mistake, so this helps make sure you register with the correct address.

In some cases you will be advised that the email you are trying to register is already in use on the site, so please go back and sign-in using the email addres, as you have registered before.

The password field requests a password between 6 and 15 characters including letters and numbers. Please take care to remember your passowrd, although you can reset this using the link just below the password field.

Note: If you try to register once and then for some reason are not taken to the next screen so try to register again, you may be told that the email address is in use and to use another.

In this case you have in fact registered, so again you should go back and sign-in using the email address and passowrd you registered with previously (perhaps unknowlingly). Check your email spam folder and you may find your welcome email in there.

Where most difficulties occur - the security code

After you have added your email and password, you will be taken to a second screen where you select a username, state your DoB, enter a security code and accept the terms and conditions for use of the site.

This information is needed to ensure you are a real person and that you understand the terms of use of the site; its there to keep you safe.

Typical problems can be:

  • Username is not between 6 and 15 characters - a warning message will advise you.
  • Selecting your birthdate starting with the Day can trigger a message that you are under 35, so start with the year to avoid any messages - the message disappears when you choose the right year. It occurs only because the default  date is today's date +35 years - our minimum registration age.
  • Security code is not accepted. This is tricky becasue if you fail to complete another field then teh security code changes and you have to enter a new one on each attempt. It is also a little difficult to see, to stop machines reading it.
  • Tick the terms and conditions box. Without this you cannot complete your registration. If you miss this then you need to enter the new security code on the next attempt.

Uploading your picture

You can only upload one personal picture and this is only requetsed if you register by email becasue Facebook provides your photo if you regsiter using that account.

If the biggest problem is that your picture rotates on upload don't worry! We'll sort it out.

This is caused by the angle at which you hold your phone (creates the picture data) and so tells Cohabitas to present the picture the wrong way round. If you leave the pictures we will rotate these for you - it will be corrected within 12 hours maximum, we promise! Just carry on and start using the site.

The simplest thing is to have the photo you wish to use already on your computer or mobile phone, so that when you click on 'Select photo' (grey box) you wil have the photo there to select.

The alternative is to use the (mobile only) take a picture function, which can be tricky, or to use the webcam picture function which can also be tricky as you will be asked for permission, or you may not have a webcam on your PC/Laptop.

Registering via Facebook

On the right-hand side of the Get Started screen you can see a Facebook icon, which if clicked starts your registration using your Facebook credentials. In this case you will be taken to a page that asks only for your DoB and location, with your email and photo being provided by Facebook.

There is not usually an issue on this page, but you cannot pass the page until .the location and DoB fields have been completed. Adding a location is essential otherwise you wil not appear in searches by other people looking for housemates or rooms in your area.

Complete your registration

You will be asked to complete a Housemate profile (Find a room/housemate user type), or to complete a Room listing (List a room user type). This is essential information as it allows us to connect you to like-minded people. It is also important for others to read about what you are looking for from a house share.

Read more about how to Create a great housemate profile.

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