Cohabitas Advertising Rates and Specifications

Advertise a room to rent

All registered users on are interested in house/flat sharing themselves, therefore live-in-landlords or householders aged 40+ are permited to register their room to let, or agents and other landlords can register stating why their room is particularly suitable.

For businesses who have related services to promote, Cohabitas offers an opportunity to reach a growing and active community of 6,800 users each month. In addition registered users receive our regular newsletters (7,000+), and we arrange local events from time to time.


If you are interested in advertising we can offer a monthly placement of banners on the Find a room and Find housemates pages, plus information pages, including our Co-lving Guide which features useful links.

Available banner sizes: 185x155, 185x75, 320x250, 320x75.

Text links and advertorial also available.

Please Contact Us to discuss you specific needs.


If you are interested in partnering Cohabitas to provide services or advice to our growing community,  Contact Us to discuss your idea.

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