Flat share London

First time flat sharing in London?

Flatmates looking for a room in a flat share in London often select ‘London’ as their location when registering. They do this either because they don’t mind where they live or they don’t know the city well enough. For people already in a flat share in london, then they can select the district of London, as do most landlords offering a room in a flat share.

The website default location is set in central London near Trafalgar Square – where practically no one actually lives! So choose a more specific part of London when looking for a room to rent or flat share.

Tip: When reviewing flatmate listings, landlords should look at the large cluster of housemates / lodgers in ‘London’ as well as in your specific area.

Find flatmates in Greater London – shows all housemates, flatmates and roommate areas of London and is recommended.

Find flatmates interested in all areas of ‘London’ – only shows people who selected ‘London’ in general, so will consider living in any area.

Find flat shares in London – most offered by a live-in landlord, who will share the flat.

Vegan flat shares london – offered by vegans. Also check housemates to start a new vegan flat share.

Monday – Friday flat share London – check for days of week, as some might be available for less days.

Make sure you adjust your location to your preferred location when you add a housemate listing.

Best parts of London for a flat share

Every Londoner has their favourite part of London. The big decision is to live North or South of the river. Each has its merits.

North London has much better underground train services, many national train stations, lovely parks and easy access to shopping. North East London is generally cheaper than North West London. Things to think about:

  • Tube station location – Victoria line, Metropolitan, Central Line and Northern Line all link to the centre. London underground trains map.
  • Overground station and buses? The North London line from Stratford, to Islington, Camden, Hampstead, Willesden and down to Richmond is very useful. London overground trains map.
  • What are local neighbourhood resturants, bars and shops like? Walk around the area.
  • Is it a safe area to walk around after dark. Important for women especially, although London is generally very safe.
  • There are large new housing developments of flats around Wembley Park, Seven Sisters and out West towards Acton and Harrow, as well as Docklands, which is close to the City of London.

South London has more frequent overground trains and buses, the Southbank arts area, Borough Market and more residential areas. South East London is cheaper than South West London.

  • The Victoria Line runs only as far as Brixton, but the Northern Line runs right down south to Morden (near Wimbledon) and the Jubilee Line runs east to Greenwich, via London Bridge.
  • The National Rail Network of trains has many stops in teh south of London and is widely used for commuting. South London National Rail trains map.
  • Again, local resturants, bars and shops exist in most London neighbourhoods, adding vibrancy and local life.
  • There are large new housing developments at Nine Elms, on the Southbank heading east and down into Croydon if you want a modern place. Otherwise buildings tend to be Victorian.

London area guides

  • Just search on Google as there are many, but Time Out is a popular entertainment guide for London and has some tips on london areas to live.
  • Also, read Eva’s story about Grown up flatshares in London.

Many listings in ‘central London’

The large cluster of listings around Westminster and Lambeth (red marker of over 100 listings) are housemates without a ‘London’ location preference. The map search feature is below is a good way to find flat shares in london visually.

Find A Lodger In London Map

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