Key flat sharing advantages and disadvantages

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Flat sharing, or co-living, has become increasingly popular among people of all ages in recent years. While it is often associated with young people, there are many advantages to flat sharing for those aged 40 and over. Everyone has different expectations and needs, so here we explore the common advantages and disadvantages of flat sharing for older adults.


  1. Reduced costs: Older adults who are on a fixed income or looking to reduce their living expenses can benefit from sharing the cost of rent, utilities, and other living expenses with their flatmates.
  2. Companionship and socialization: Living alone can be isolating, especially for older adults who may not have regular contact with friends or family. Flat sharing can provide companionship and socialization, which can also improve overall wellbeing and mental health.
  3. Shared responsibilities: When living alone, you’re responsible for all the household chores and maintenance. In a shared living situation, responsibilities can be divided among flatmates, making it easier and less stressful for everyone.
  4. Flexibility: Flat sharing can be a flexible living arrangement, which can be especially beneficial if you need to downsize or move for various reasons. A shared living situation can be just a short-term solution or can be a longer-term living arrangement.


  1. Differences in lifestyle: Sharing a living space with other people means compromising on lifestyle differences. Older adults may have different routines and preferences than their flatmates, which can lead to conflicts if not addressed both in advance and when they arise.
  2. Lack of privacy: Sharing a living space can mean giving up some privacy. This can be challenging for older adults who value their personal space and quiet time. For example, the majority of people of people prefer to have their own bathroom when flat sharing, but often properties don’t offer this, or if they do they are too expensive.
  3. Compatibility: Finding compatible flatmates can be challenging, especially for older adults who may have different and more established interests and lifestyles. It’s essential to find people who are respectful, responsible, and share similar values and goals as yourself, although finding the ‘perfect’ flatmate is unlikely. Compromise and consideration of others are key.
  4. Legal and financial issues: Sharing a living space means sharing legal and financial responsibilities, which can be complicated. It’s essential to have a clear understanding I the lodger agreement, including rent and utility payments, and to have a plan in place for handling any disputes that may arise.

Flat sharing over 40 can be a viable option when you are looking to reduce living expenses, increase social opportunities, and prefer to share household responsibilities. With the right planning and communication, flat sharing can be a positive and fulfilling living arrangement for people of all ages.


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