House sharing makes relocation easier


House sharing makes relocation easier to consider

A recent survey about the age of population in cities highlighted, larger cities have a higher proportion of 18-34 year olds than smaller towns and the countryside.

What was most interesting from a Cohabitas perspective, and considering our needs in later life, was the fact that the report mentioned the preference of older people to move to quieter areas, particularly in the South.

This got me thinking. It’s fine to plan a move to the South, or another area of beauty or historic interest, if you have family near there or a partner to go with. But what if you haven’t? That makes it harder still to contemplate such a move, meaning you’re more likely to have to put up with higher rents and generally less healthy environments in the city for longer.

Relocate to find better quality accommodation than you can afford in the city

So house or flat sharing is a great solution in these circumstances. Not only can you ‘try before you buy’ as a house owner would to get to know an area. You can move to an area to live in better quality accommodation than you can afford in the city and have some sort of introduction to the area from your new landlord or fellow tenant; more than likely they will have lived there for some time.

AirBnB makes a great deal of the benefit of staying with a host for a few days in a city so that they can guide you, and so it is with house sharing; your fellow house or flat mate is not a host as such, but if you need to know anything, they’ll know where and how in the area. You might even meet some of their local friends over time.

So where were you thinking of moving to? There are dome coastal and country locations listed that sound idyllic.

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House sharing is affordable housing


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