Attitudes to house sharing survey

Cohabitas house sharing report - attitudes to sharing amoung mature adults

A Cohabitas research report reveals that 1 in 4 (23%) mature adults between the age of 45 and 85 have discussed living with a friend, with 1 in 3 (33%) in London considering this option. Whilst ‘sharing the bills’ remains the number one reason to share when older, ‘having someone else around’ and ‘socialising with housemates’ is also important.

Treasured housemates found in lockdown

A change in a relationship (divorce, separation or widowed) is the main trigger mentioned by 45% of 45-85 year olds, but a change in income as a result of retirement or unemployment is also mentioned by 40% of respondents.

According to the ONS there are 7.7 million single-person dwellings in the UK equivalent to 29.9% of British households with the number of people aged between 45 and 64 having risen by 23% over the last decade. This has been caused by delays in starting a family or not marrying, as much as by increased divorce and separation among this age group, but it is also a result of increased economic independence among women and increased life expectancy.

Eva Orasch, Cohabitas Co-Founder, added, “you don’t have to be divorced or separated to benefit from house sharing. The benefits are not just financial, it’s also much more fun and you meet more people. It’s becoming a lifestyle choice for more and more people”. This is backed-up by a number of high-profile sharing stories in the press. Mariella Frostrup recently explained how sharing with her best friend made sense, despite being married.

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