Necessity is the ‘grandmother’ of invention

Three self-isolating grandmothers together

This week we have all started to think about the ways we live. There is nothing like a crisis to make people think harder and act faster, and this week we saw some great examples of how people were preparing to reduce isolation during the Coronavirus outbreak.

 ‘Adversity is the mother of invention’, or should that be grandmother of invention?

Three women from Salford in Greater Manchester came up with a plan to live together when further restrictions are brought in, featured here in this video as they were interviewed by a BBC journalist.

True, these three know each other extremely well, but it does make you wonder whether this type of cohabiting could be a solution for many older people who live alone much of the time.

In this case the ladies have families and live near each other, but the idea of sharing each other’s homes for a few weeks at a time, changing between different locations if you each have a house, seems like a good one.

As they say ‘Adversity is the mother of invention’, or should that be grandmother of invention?

Watch the BBC video interview with three Salford Grandmothers, sharing their homes during the Coronavirus isolation period.


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