The rise of lodgers over 40

BBC Sounds Radio Recording Of The Rise Of The Over 40 Lodger

The rising number of lodgers over 40 is the topic when BBC Radio Hereford presenter Elliot Webb interviews Nick Henley from Cohabitas.

He asks why we needed to start Cohabitas and whether things are busy now because of increasing mortgage payments. Nick explains that it is household bills that are causing the biggest issue for older home owners, as many no longer have a mortgage or only a small one.

He also outlines the reasons for people starting to house share (bereavement or marriage break-up, change of job location and the post-pandemic midweek in the office schedule). Nick also explains that the key driver affecting all lodgers is how much money can be saved on rent by renting a room.

Last but not least, Nick explains buddy-ups (meeting other people locally to rent a whole flat together) and why this is becoming even more important for single lodgers; many simply cannot afford to rent one bedroom flats as they get older and they also like a bit of company.

Listen to the 5 minute interview on the BBC sounds website.

Move from the start to time point 3:12 within the show to hear Nick and Elliot talking.

BBC Hereford & Worcester – The rise of lodgers over 40

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