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When some years ago  I was looking for a house share or flat share in London, I found it nearly impossible to find. Users of bigger house sharing websites had either not expressed an age preference in their listing or those that had wanted younger people – like themselves. Understandable but frustrating.

This gave me the idea for a house share website specifically for more mature house sharers, all different in their need and preferences but all the same in one dimension – their age groups.

So Cohabitas was born; a house share website specifically for the over 40s and over 50s. Since launch we have always believed in having a ‘broad church’ where anyone can either list a room to rent, or list themselves as a housemate in search of a room, or in search of other housemates to find a place together.

Age is not the only important consideration when looking for housemates of course, but it does help to narrow things down and to give a higher probability that people will be like you, with shared life experiences, shared sense of humour and shared sense of responsibility.

What is ‘mature’ you may ask? Well, Cohabitas is for anyone over the age of 40. We do in fact let people over 35 register because some youngsters of 37 or 38 have requested to join because they are fed-up living with teenagers!

At the upper end of the age groups we have also had one gentleman wondering why he could not register until we realised we had set the upper age at 85, only so that we could keep the list of years smaller. We now accept up to age 95.

This mature house share site is not right for everyone, as we are not concerned with residential care or retirement homes of all types, particularly where any medical support night be required. That said retirement living is often communal in nature and advertised as for those over 55, so some ‘retirement’ options may be relevant to some of our users.

The majority of our registered users are aged between 45 and 65 (around 70%), are in good to reasonable health, and join for a combination of social and financial reasons.


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