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Rent a room

This is the most easily organised type of co-living and sharing. Finding a room in a house where there are already people living and where they are looking for a new housemates makes things much simpler. You can choose your housemates and choose a house or flat.

You can choose the area in which you would like to live and the standard of accommodation you are after but availability may be limited and competition for the best rooms can be fierce, especially in popular areas.

You also need to consider that the live-in landlord or householder will have their way of doing things already established and they are looking for someone to fit in. You can expect to use some of the communal areas including kitchen and lounge and in many cases you may have access to a garden or parking space.

Room rents usually include all utilities and broadband costs and if you’re lucky pay TV.

Some live-in landlords might offer a rent reduction for things like dog walking or cleaning. Look on their room listing to see if this is offered.

Use our ‘Find a room’ pages to find people with a room to rent and make sure your personal profile captures the key points of why you would make a good housemate. Find the right match is key, so try to complete as much of your personal profile as possible, in order to give the other person a good idea of what you are like and looking for.

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