House sharing is better than ‘right-sizing’.

Moving On Shakespeare Martineau Report About Right Sizing

The research, compiled from over 1,000 survey respondents and 20 in-depth interviews, showed that people aged 65+ were most likely to be living in homes with more bedrooms than they need, yet the majority of over 50s have no plan to, or don’t know if they will, rightsize one day. They recommend moving into ‘retirement living’ earlier.

In their report, titled ‘Moving on: Could later living be the answer to the housing crisis?’ the authors look at the barriers to more people ‘moving on’. It seems the public is still confusing retirement living with care homes and all the negative connotations that come with this.

House sharing could be a better alternative

Why is this relevant to house sharing? Well, house sharing is a better alternative down-sizing or rightsizing your home. It’s your home after all, and why would you like to leave your home?

House sharing is a better alternative down-sizing or rightsizing your home

What’s more, once establlished, a long-term house share with a like-minded lodger or housemate, can provide a home to another person. For the home owner they get the benefit of staying in place; near their friends and their life. For the lodger or long-term house mate moving to a retirement living development was never an option as they are unlikely to have the capital.

House sharing is an alternative to right-sizing and down-sizing. It’s not the only solution to the housing crisis, but we do agree that starting to think about it ealier is a good idea.

Come and join our community of like-minded mature house sharers. It’s great preparation for later life.

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