Meet Lisa – Looking for like-minded people to share a happy home

Lisa looking for like-minded housemates

In today’s interview we talk to Lisa who is looking for like-minded people with a similar outlook to life to enjoy a shared home. If this sounds interesting, get in touch with Lisa below.

What is your idea of sharing and what are you looking for in a future housemate?

I would love to share with spiritual, kind, like-minded people who enjoy the connection with others. My idea of a shared home is a place where everyone feels completely at ease and can express who they truly are. I love being outdoors in nature and enjoy the simple things in life. That could be a shared meal, chatting watching the same interests on TV, going out for walks, simply sharing and enjoying life.

I am currently based near Colchester but have been thinking of re-locating for the last couple of months. I’ve always been drawn to the South West, Dorset area or perhaps around Salisbury / Stonehenge – but to be honest, I’m quite flexible in terms of location and would much rather live with people I really like and get on with. Ideally, I’d like to live in a small village surrounded by countryside, in a calm environment. I’m a peaceful soul and enjoy deeply connecting with life, be it by walking in nature, listening to the little birds and sounds of the trees, or by quiet time alone meditating (this is me meditating at Stonehenge).  

What appeals to you most about sharing a home?

Years ago, when I used to visit my great aunt, she had her own lovely little flat in what you would describe as an older people’s home. They had a communal dining room, played cards and bingo together and just met there in the evening or at each other’s flats. I remember thinking – wow, this is what I would like! Not to mention that she had a better social life than I had at that time 🙂 What struck me was the sense of community, camaraderie, and friendship, and that’s what ultimately appeals to me about sharing.

Like many of us, I grew up with a traditional view of life – getting married and buying a house together, but that just never happened to me. Now, at the age of 49 and after a year of tremendous life changes, I’ve come to realise that there is a new life out there waiting for me. We have so many more choices these days and I truly believe co-living communities will be the future, with people of any age thriving and living that way … and there’s plenty of us doing it.

Tell us a bit more about yourself and what your future housemates can expect?

I love history, travelling, museums, art, dance, and archaeology. I consider myself a spiritual and kind person who gets on with others easily. Deep peace inside and living life with joy every day has become very important to me. I’ve come to understand the difference between entertainment and joy, being fully engaged in something that makes your heart and soul sing. With peace and joy in your life you can cope with just about anything!

What’s the key to successful sharing?

Being respectful of others and appreciate them for who they are, so everyone can be their true self and feel completely at home. There is always the opportunity to begin again; meet new people, live in a new area, and this alone just widens your viewpoint of life and gives you possibilities!

I’d love to hear from anyone this sounds appealing to who perhaps has some space to share in their own home or another tenant who’d be interested in renting a place together.

If this sounds interesting and you’d like to get in touch with Lisa – send her a message here

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