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Use the main menu to find a lodger, housemate or house share. The site is organised like this:

Home - First page you see normally, but come back here when registered for tips and advice.

Rooms for rent  - search by location, budget and other sharing preferences. Also known as room shares.

Housemates - find like-minded people to share with. Also known as roommates and flat mates. Find a buddy-up.

Add a listing - advertise a room for rent or advertise yourself as a housemate

News and Inspiration - User's own stories plus advice, tips and news about house sharing around the world.

Membership options - you can add a free listing but can also choose a Premium membership for more benefits

User Support - frequently asked questions about the website and how to find what you are looking for

Register - to add a listing you need to register and select a user type of 'looking for a room in a shared house' or 'list a room for rent'

Telephone registration service - it is free and easy to register yourself using the online forms, but you can register by phone too

Login - the site doesn't log you out, but if you logged yourself out, then you can login here

Account - once registered you can access your acocunt details, listing link and membership purchase details

Messages - once registered you can see a link to your messages. You can send messages to Premium members or to any user if you buy a Premium membership yourself.

About Us - why we started Cohabitas and what we aim to achieve.

Press Enquiries - journalists are invited to contact us about house share for the over 40s and the general house sharing scene

Advertise -  We offer paid insertions into our newsletters and also sponsored posts if these are highly relevant to users. To advertise a room, see above

Privacy - We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy and have a privacy policy outlined in detail. We do not sell or use your personal data with any 3rd party

Terms of use - details how you should behave on the site and what services we offer. We are a listings site focused on rooms for rent for the over 40s, not an agent.


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