The building blocks of healthy living

Healthy Living Principles Applied To Flatshare

When renting a room in a house share, or indeed buying a place to live, we bring with us both a conscious and unconscious set of requirements.

But how about taking healthy living as a principle? We all know how our mood and general sense of well-being are affected by where we live. What do we need to think about?

Healthy living principles applied to house sharing

At the International Longevity Conference in London this week, one speaker from Salus outlined how healthy living principles can be applied to house building and city planning. We’ve taken this and thought how it applies to house sharing.

We have to think about what’s going on outside the home and inside. This diagram can help you think about what is important to you and decide on what is worth paying for.

The Building Blocks Of Healthy Living In A House Share
The Building Blocks Of Healthy Living In A House Share

The difference in a house share is of course the people you share with. Other factors need to work in relation to that; adequate living space, natural light and thermal comfort (should we worry about being too cold or too hot these days? I am really not sure!).

Outside we need to think about overall safety, transport and pollution in the surrounding area, but in addition, access to local shops and services is very important.

As we get older, the people with live with, the proximity and ease of accessing shops and local community and of course thermal comfort and safety become even more important.

Salus has a vision ‘to improve human and planetary health by design’.

The International Longevity Centre wants ‘a society that works for everyone, regardless of their age’.


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