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Finding a roomshare (room to rent) in a house share in cities in the USA can be  difficult when you're older, as it is elsewhere.

Also, with the cost of living increases, many home owners are thinking about earning extra income, as well as about having a bit of company. So having a mature housemate a share accommodation looks like a good idea.

The Cohabitas site has been used by many expats and international travellers coming to the UK (see Libby's story below), but can also be used to find roomshares in US cities, as well as by expats or international travellers living in the USA.

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Find a roommate

If there are no roomshares advertised in a city, then you can also look for a like-minded roommate for a buddy-upstar, and start a new houseshare in your area. Add a listing to encourage others to register too, and start a local roomshare interest group.

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It's Better Living Together

Cohabitas started in London in 2017 offering the over 40s an easier way to rent a room in a shared house, or to find people for a buddy-up in a new house share with other like-minded over 40s. The site now covers the whole of the UK and selected cities in Europe, Australia and the US.

Join a community of like-minded senior house sharers. You can find out a little more about us.

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