Claudia’s idea of shared living

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In today’s interview we talk to Claudia who is looking for shared living with like-minded people. She wants housemates to join her in sharing a property long-term – a lifestyle choice to enrich life in many ways and by no means just a temporary solution.

If this appeals to you, get in touch with Claudia below.

What is your idea of shared living and what are you looking for?

I would like to find like-minded people interested in co-living on a long-term basis. I see co-living as an upgrade to my current living situation. I currently live in my own one bedroom flat in Camberwell which I love but my quality of life could be enriched by companionship, exchange of ideas, personal growth, a bigger space with spare bedrooms, a garden, the ability to have pets, shared cost of a cleaner or gardener, communal life and space privacy, etc. The idea is that sharing results in premium living space rather than a compromise reminding us of our student days.

Eventually, I would like to live in a spacious house with a garden, share with 2-4 people with similar ideas and interests. I am in no hurry, my current living situation is absolutely fine and this is a long-term project. It depends on when I find the right co-sharers, property, etc. Location depends on when I find the right group. Probably London for the next 10 years and after that maybe somewhere on the Kent coast or even Dorset/Devon/Cornwall – who knows.

What made you come up with the idea?

When I started looking for fellow sharers over 45, I realized it wasn’t going to be straight-forward nor was it a common concept in the UK. There are co-living schemes coming up everywhere at the moment as the idea appeals to many and I do believe it is the way future generations will live. Currently, I am not interested in joining a scheme or community as such but am looking for an independent set up. I would like to meet interested people and build a network to exchange and discuss ideas. Finding the right people to share with and an appropriate property is a long-term project and people need time to get to know each other. It is a lifestyle choice rather a temporary bridging solution in between homes.

What’s the key to successful sharing?

Since this is a lifestyle change rather than a temporary solution, it requires real commitment and willingness to make it work. I think it is really just a matter of finding the right people who are willing to work together to make it work. It is about compatibility, mutual respect, etc. but also practical matters like similar financial resources, legal agreements (what happens if somebody wants out, who is responsible for finding a replacement). Also, you need to know yourself, your values, your tolerance levels, your deal breakers, … The biggest challenge is to find people that are truly interested in the concept.

If you are interested in the idea – get in touch with Claudia here.


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