Freqently Asked Questions

Who is this site/service for?
Cohabitas is for open-minded people who can imagine sharing a home with people other than a traditional family or partner. Already common amongst students and young professionals, we believe sharing everyday life is a great option for all age groups. Cohabitas helps you find a suitable partner; one or more people who share a similar attitude to life, lifestyle and living preferences.

What information do I need to provide to register?
Once you decide to register we will ask for your gender, preferred gender of a potential house-mate, your date of birth, city/town location, email address and a preferred user name and password. Later we also ask you to upload a picture so other people can see you, just as you’d like to see other people.

How will my information be used?
We will securely hold your initial registration details (noted above) as well as any preferences for house sharing you choose to add to you profile (up to 20 can be added to assist people in finding a good match). This information is kept private at all times and the site is designed to keep your identity protected and managed by you alone.

If you choose to get in touch with another member on the site you can do this by using the online messenger service provided and can also use the system to ask questions of other members of the site community. These site services maintain your privacy using only your selected username and are included as part of your site membership.

We may contact you with information we think might be useful, but only if you select to receive latest news, notice of meet-up events or messages from our carefully selected business partners. This preference is provided at registration and can be updated at any time.

Why do you ask for my age?
We think someone’s age is an important consideration when looking for a suitable house-mate. The site allows users to search for profiles of people within an age range (e.g. 55-65), so registered users need to include their age for their profile to be found. Only you see your date of birth; other users cannot see your full date of birth.

Can I delete my details if I don't want to be registered anymore?
You can delete your profile at any time. Simply go to ‘My account’ in the top right hand corner, select ‘Account settings’ and click ‘Delete profile permanently’. If you bought a membership on the site you will have already paid for a certain time period (30, 90 or 365 days). We cannot give any refunds but will not charge you after this period has ended.

Can other people see my profile details?
Only once you click ‘Activate my profile in search’ will your profile appear in other users’ search results. This option is offered to you after you register. This gives you time to look around before deciding what you want to do and whether to make your profile visible. Other registered site users can see your picture, age, city/town but nothing else. Full members of the site who have paid a subscription can see your full profile, but still cannot see your date of birth, your email or any specific location details, only your City/town.

Once registered can other people contact me?
People can contact you as soon as you click ‘Activate my profile in search’. In order to read someone’s message, answer a question or see who ‘winked’ at you, you need to sign up for a paid membership.

Once registered can I contact other people myself?
In order to contact other members you need to sign up for a paid membership. This is when you can start using all functions on the site. The reason we ask you to pay for a membership is to ensure our members are serious about getting to know like-minded people, although of course only you decide who to contact and who to respond to.

If I want to find a house-mate together with a friend what should I do?
To sign up as a pair/three you can set up a profile with all of you in the picture and with a group name. You would pay the membership in the normal way to be able to communicate with others, but from one account.

Once I found someone to share with, will Cohabitas help us to find a place to live?

We can help but you are also free to organise tings yourself – offsite. We have partnered with (to be confirmed shortly) to help you find pre-selected properties ideal for sharing. Click on ‘Find a property’ in the menu to start your search. Alternatively, from time-to-time you will see partners offering selected properties to rent or buy advertised directly on the site.

Do I have to rent a house or flat through Cohabitas?
Not at all. You are free to look for a house or flat on any other property site or through your local estate agent. Or you can make use of our partners who offer properties on the Cohabitas website. Our main job is to match you with a suitable house-mate (which we think is the important bit).

Can married people or couples use the service?
Absolutely. If you are marriedor are a couple looking to share with other people simply say so in your profile description and in the messages you send to other users. You might meet another couple or single people who want to join you in a house-share.

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