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We would be happy to help you write about the growing trend towards house sharing and co-living, being driven by both financial and social factors. These pages and links can help you:

Research - we keep an eye on new research and reports related to house sharing and co-living around the world and have also conducted our own research in conjunction with media partners and our community of registered users.

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About Cohabitas - This article appears on the site explaining why we started Cohabitas. Since coming up with an initial idea in 2016, we have learned so much more about different aspects of how people want and need to live in later life.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2016
  • Nick Henley and Eva Orasch are co-founders of Cohabitas.
  • Cohabitas is primarily focused on the UK, but has 15% of registered users living in other parts of the world.
  • Open to everyone, with 15,000+ registered users, all over 40 and interested in house sharing.
  • The most important amenities to over 40s private renters, if they can afford it, are a private or e-suite bathroom and good quality wifi.
  • Selected as a Trailblazer at Property Week's 2019 RESI Conference & Awards

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