Room Viewing Checklist

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Once you’ve found a room you like and arranged a viewing, it pays off to plan ahead and make a list of all the things to look out for and ask your potential future housemate about. So often we only remember afterwards all the things we wanted to check or ask.

Take a look at our viewing checklist below or download a printable version to take with you on paper or on your phone when you make your first visit to your potential new home.   


  • What is the aspect of the bedroom – when will I get some sunshine and is it going to be hot/cold?
  • Will I have enough space for my personal belongings?
  • Is it going to be noisy?
  • Is the room big enough to give me some personal space?
  • If working from home, can I fit a desk?
  • Can I regulate the heating in my own room?
  • Does it have blackout curtains or blinds?
  • Am I allowed to hang my own picture frames?
  • Is the mattress comfortable enough?


  • What is the water pressure like?
  • Can you spot or smell any signs of damp or mould?
  • When will my housemate(s) normally use the bathroom, if it’s shared one?

Kitchen & Lounge:

  • Is there space for my own kitchen items?
  • How much space will I have in the fridge/freezer?
  • When do my housemate(s) normally cook?
  • Are they planning to share meals together?
  • How will we distribute the cost of shared household items?
  • Where can I work, if needed?


  • Am I allowed to have personal items in the common areas?
  • Do I need to buy any additional furniture?
  • How is the WIFI connection, especially in my room or the place where I will use it most?
  • Do I get a good phone signal?
  • Anything obvious that needs repairing?
  • What bills are included in my monthly rent?
  • What are the neighbours like?

My housemate(s):

  • What does their daily schedule look like, when will they use the common areas?
  • Are they an early riser or a night owl?
  • How much time do they want to spend together?
  • Do they have a partner or children who will be staying over?
  • What is the policy for my own guests to visit or stay over?
  • Will we sign a lodger agreement?

Download a printable version here.

Do you have any other tips for viewing a room in a house share? Get in touch and let us know!


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